Our Journey

Kārwān – Persian for Caravan; traveling merchants

Karwan Kollective: We are on an expedition to provide you with the means to access and acquire quality artwork made by local artists.

We seek to connect you with artists and small business owners to create mutually beneficial relationships within approachable and ever-changing atmospheres.

We want to help shift art buyers away from big-box and retail stores, and guide them in the direction of supporting artists and artisans from our communities. We are passionate about creating a collective of support and engagement for our artists to thrive in while simultaneously exhibiting artwork you can afford to buy and hang.

Our Purpose

Curate: provide you with unique, specifically tailored gallery experiences

Collaborate: work with artists to help market their works/brand, increase industry exposure and allow them to gain valuable exhibition experience

Collect: bring buyers to our events to initiate a resurgence in local art appreciating and collecting