...there are plenty of artists who proudly display their work under couches, behind closed doors and on the walls of friends who never paid for it. Our job is to get these agoraphobic art pieces outside of their comfort zone and into your home, where it will end up in another pile somewhere, I’m sure of it...
— Local Artist

Our Journey

Kārwān – Persian for Caravan; a group of traveling merchants

Karwan Kollective: a group of like-minded individuals on an expedition to bring you quality artwork on a budget. We aim to provide you with the means to access and acquire affordable fine art, because art-collecting shouldn't break the bank.

Our pop-up events are curated with the modern collector in mind. We seek to connect you with up-and-coming artists to create mutually beneficial relationships within approachable and ever-changing atmospheres that combine the tradition of visual art, food and music.

Meet with featured artists and engage in discussions to learn more about their artwork and processes; Network with fellow art collectors and curators to gain informative insight on how to curate your spaces.

Our Purpose

Curate: provide you with unique, specifically tailored gallery experiences

Collaborate: bring artists and buyers together to promote idea-sharing, networking and artistic discussion

Collect: initiate a resurgence in art appreciating and art-collecting