Sofia Raitsin

Sofia is largely a self-taught artist who enjoys exploring a variety of mediums, with acrylic painting being the primary one. She was introduced to acrylic painting by her grade 4 art teacher, who, upon noticing Sofia’s artistic inclinations, suggested to her parents to sign up Sofia for studio classes, which she attended for several months. Her only other formal training was high school art classes.

With a focus on meticulous detail and precision combined with her perfectionistic tendencies, Sofia often struggled to finish pieces. That all changed when she discovered acrylic pouring, a form of fluid art. Acrylic pouring involves bringing acrylic paints to pourable consistency and applying them using a variety of techniques that create different effects. This method really resonated with Sofia. It involves a scientific-like approach to understanding how different parameters affect the outcome, such as paint consistency, additives, and pigment weight (yes, even that matters!), which matches Sofia’s scientifically-inclined mind, having recently completed a PhD in neuroscience.

As well, the technique is a bit of organized chaos, which Sofia thrives in. After some pre-planning, there is a surprise element to how the pour will come out and a short time-interval for manipulating the look, resulting in striking abstract pieces. Then, with some paintings, Sofia takes the further step of adding hand-painted elements, creating a unique combination between abstract and figurative art.

IG: @philosofi_art